1. Walibi Holland 

Walibi Holland is not only the most spectacular amusement park in Flevoland, it is the most spectacular amusement Park in the Netherlands! Try out all the roller coaters, the Goliath or the Speed of Sound. Feel dizzy yet? Try the Tomahawk or the Spinning Vibe at Walibi Holland. 



  1. Fashion outlet Batavia Stad in Lelystad

At Fashion Outlet Batavia Stad you will find more than 100 stores that have all year a sale up to 70%. You will find more than 250 Major Brands; From Children's fashion to sports, from men's fashion to lingerie, from shoes to perfumes and from chocolate to interior. Every day extra offers, discounts and Promotions to complete your shopping trip to the Batavia Stad. 



  1. De Zwaluwhoeve

At Wellnessresort de Zwaluwhoeve you are at the right address for fun, relaxation and luxury. The complex has a garden of no less than 50,000 m2 full of facilities. At the Zwaluwhoeve you can really do nothing but relax.



  1. Dolfinarium

Dolfinarium Harderwijk is the only one in the Netherlands and the largest marine mammal park in Europe. In the Dolfinarium you can see several sea mammals including bottlenose dolphin and dolphin, but also fish like rainbow trout and rays and even hippos. A number of these animals can also be seen in the many shows that the Dolphinarium has on the program.



  1. The Orchideeën Hoeve

Here you will find a number of beautiful tropical theme gardens, including a Taiwanese garden and a Butterfly Valley. As the name says, of course, you will find hundreds of beautiful orchids here. The most beautiful butterflies also flutter around. Furthermore there are tropical birds, reptiles and koi carps. Do not forget to visit the associated store, because you will also find beautiful things there! De Orchideeën Hoeve: a tropical paradise in Flevoland!



  1. Bataviawerf

You have probably heard of the VOC ship the Batavia. The real Batavia was built in 1628. The ship was built for the United East Indian Company. Unfortunately, the ship already went down on the first trip to Indonesia! In Lelystad you can view a reconstruction of this beautiful ship at Batavia Yard. Experience the life of a sailor! Walk the decks and see the big guns, everything you encounter is made by hand.



  1. Aviodrome

Aviation-Theme Park Aviodrome tells the fascinating story of Dutch aviation and turns it into unique adventures! Come with the whole family to Aviodrome and view more than 100 aircraft inside and outside. At Aviodrome it does not stop at watching alone. Step aboard a mega-sized Boeing 747, the flight simulator and learn mosecode signals. Children live in one of the children's attractions and learn how baggage handling at an airport works. During the pilot training they feel like a real pilot. One thing is certain: time flies at Aviodrome!



  1. Oostvaardersplassen

The Oostvaardersplassen there is only one in the Netherlands. In fact, there is no area in Europe that can be compared to the Oostvaardersplassen. Deep in southern Flevoland nature created a large swamp area with reed plains, rugged grasslands and ponds. Walk or cycle on one of the many paths of the Oostvaardersplassen and get to know the Netherlands thousands of years ago.



  1. FlevOnice

Whether it's freezing or not, you can skate in the open air this winter on the 400-meter and 2-kilometer ice rinks of Flevonice. At Flevonice in Biddinghuizen you brave obstacles in the summer on a 7 km long Obstacle Run course, you can go with friends Drift Karten or you can join your family in action on various activities of our playgrounds.



  1. Hans and Grietje Pancake House

Hans & Grietje is a pancake house in Zeewolde, where you can experience the fairy tale of Hans & Grietje in real life. A witch's house full of candy, play-haystack, trampolines and a real big go-kart track which is freely accessible. Come and eat in Zeewolde!